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91. Analíticos  

The de-eroticization of women's liberation : social party movements and the revolutionary feminism of Sheila Jeffreys / Margaret Hunt

Autor: HUNT, Margaret

92. Analíticos  

The house that Jill built : lesbian feminist organizing in Toronto, 1976-1980 / Becki Ross

Autor: Ross, Becki

93. Analíticos  

Campaign against pornography / Barbara Norden

Autor: Norden, Barbara

94. Analíticos  

The mothers' manifesto and disputes over 'Mutterlichkeit' / Prue Chamberlayne

Autor: Chamberlayne, Prue

95. Analíticos  

Animal rights and feminist theory / Josephine Donovan

Autor: Donovan, Josephine

96. Analíticos  

Eve reconceived : religious perspectives in feminist children's literature in France / Leonore Loft

Autor: Loft, Leonore

97. Analíticos  

Rethinking feminist organizations / Patricia Yancey Martin

Autor: Martin, Patricia Yancey

98. Analíticos  

Feminist theory as practice : italian feminism and the work of Teresa de Lauretis and Dacia Maraini / Itala T. C. Rutter

Autor: Rutter, Itala T. C

99. Analíticos  

O feminismo na pós-modernidade / Virgínia Ferreira

Autor: Ferreira, Vírginia, 1954-

100. Analíticos  

Cultural missionaries, maternal imperialists, feminist allies : british women activits in India, 1865-1945 / Barbara N. Ramusack

Autor: Ramusack, Barbara N