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1. Monografias  

Women's studies and european integration [Texto impresso] : with reference to current and future Action Programmes for Equal Opportunities between Womem and Men: report to the Equal Opportunities Unit, DGV, European Commission Employment, Industrial Relations and Social Affairs / rel. Jalna Hanmer

Data Publicação: 1994

2. Analíticos  

Faire de vagues : <les études feministes et le mouvement des femmes / Jalna Hanmer

Autor: Hanmer, Jalna

3. Analíticos  

Men, power, and the exploitation of women / Jalna Hanmer

Autor: Hanmer, Jalna

4. Monografias  

Women, policing, and male violence : international perspectives / Jalna Hammer, Jill Radford, Elizabeth A. Stanko

Autor: Hanmer, Jalna Data Publicação: 1989