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1. Analíticos  

Violence against black women : gender, race and state responses / Amina Mama

Autor: MAMA, Amina

2. Analíticos  

The invisible intruder : women's experiences of obscene phone calls / Carole J. Sheffield

Autor: Sheffield, Carole J

3. Analíticos  

Social science perspectives on wife abuse : current debates and future directions / Demie Kurz

Autor: Kurz, Demie

4. Analíticos  

Legítima defesa e género feminino : paradoxos da "feminist jurisprudence"? / Teresa Pizarro Beleza

Autor: Beleza, Maria Teresa Couceiro Pizarro, 1951-

5. Analíticos  

Multiple mediations : feminist scholarship in the age of multinational reception / Lata Mani

Autor: MANI, Lata

6. Analíticos  

Violent acts and injurious outcomes in married couples : methodological issues in the national survey of families and households / Lisa D. Brush

Autor: Brush, Lisa D

7. Analíticos  

Women's studies : science, violence, and responsibility / Maria Mies

Autor: Mies, Maria

8. Analíticos  

Violação e espancamento : mitos e consequências / Teresa Loureiro Rocha, Margarida Vieira

Autor: Rocha, Teresa Loureiro

9. Analíticos  

Centro de crise : apoio a mulheres violadas e espancadas, CRL: apresentação do projecto / Teresa Loureiro Rocha, Margarida Vieira, Isabel Rocha Rangel

Autor: Rocha, Teresa Loureiro

10. Analíticos  

Pornography and violence : what the "experts" really say / Lynne Segal

Autor: Segal, Lynne

11. Analíticos  

Intraracial rape visited : on forging a feminist future beyond factions and frightening politics / Diane Bell

Autor: Bell, Diane

12. Analíticos  

Unprotected by the Swedish welfare state : a survey of battered women and the assistance they received / R. Amy Elman, Maud L. Eduards

Autor: Elman, R. Amy

13. Analíticos  

Le mithe de l'amour / Ezperenza Molleda, Christine Rammrath

Autor: Molleda, Ezperenza

14. Analíticos  

Génocide organisé au Tibet : planning familial ou solution finale / Odile Krakovitch

Autor: Krakovitch, Odile

15. Analíticos  

Les femmes de la ceinture meurtière de Bihar / Manimalia

Autor: Manimalia

16. Analíticos  

Les femmes et la violence sociale / Elise Boulding

Autor: Bouldings, Elise

17. Analíticos  

Violence against women : what perfection is there?

18. Analíticos  

Women's movements and state policy reform aimed at domestic violence against women : a comparison of the consequences of movement mobilisation in the U. S. and India / Diane Mitsch Bush

Autor: Bush, Diane Mitsch

19. Analíticos  

The incredible woman : a recurring character in criminal law / Jocelynne A. Scutt

Autor: Scutt, Jocelynne A

20. Analíticos  

Sexe, violence et militarisme / Yagor Matsui

Autor: Matsui, Yagor