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101. Analíticos  

Feminist issues in sport / Elizabeth H. Jarratt

Autor: Jarratt, Elizabeth H

102. Analíticos  

Men, power, and the exploitation of women / Jalna Hanmer

Autor: Hanmer, Jalna

103. Analíticos  

Feminism and pornography / Kate Ellis, Barbara O'Dair, Abby Tallmer

Autor: Ellis, Kate

104. Analíticos  

Pornography and violence : what the "experts" really say / Lynne Segal

Autor: Segal, Lynne

105. Analíticos  

Who watches the watchwomen? : feminists against censorship / Gillian Rodgerson, Linda Semple

Autor: Rodgerson, Gillian

106. Analíticos  

In conversation with Nawal el Saadawi / Nawal el Saadawi, Marcel Farry

Autor: Saadawi, Nawal el

107. Analíticos  

Women's participation in the brazilian "people's church" : a critical appraisal / Sonia E. Alvarez

Autor: Alvarez, Sonia E

108. Analíticos  

Women and computers : an introduction / Ruth Perry, Lisa Greber

Autor: Perry, Ruth

109. Analíticos  

Feminism within american institutions : unobtrusive mobilization in the 1980s / Mary Fainsod Katzenstein

Autor: Katzenstein, Mary Fainsod

110. Analíticos  

Fault lines : infertility and imperiled sisterhood / Margarete Sandelowski

Autor: Sandelowski, Margarete