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81. Analíticos  

The metaphors of radiation or, why a beautiful woman is like a nuclear power plant / Jane Caputi

Autor: Caputi, Jane

82. Analíticos  

Science, femninism and animal natures I : extending the boundaries / Lynda I. A. Birke

Autor: Birke, Lynda I. A

83. Analíticos  

Dualisme in biology : the case of sex hormones / Nelly Oudshoorn, Marianne Van Den Wijngaard

Autor: Oudshoorn, Nelly

84. Analíticos  

Women of the Paris Commune / Kathleen B. Jones

Autor: Jones, Kathleen B

85. Analíticos  

Family, feminism, and race in America / Maxine Bacazinn

Autor: Bacazinn, Maxine

86. Analíticos  

Inside out : Elizabeth Haldane as a women's suffrage survivor in the 1920s and 1930s / Johanna Alberti

Autor: Alberti, Johanna

87. Analíticos  

From private to public patriarchy : the periodisation of british history / Sylvia Walby

Autor: Walby, Sylvia

88. Analíticos  

Love, friendship, and feminism in later 19th-century England / Philippa Levine

Autor: Levine, Philippa

89. Analíticos  

Rational sex or spiritual love? : the men and women's club of the 1880s / Lucy Bland

Autor: Bland, Lucy

90. Analíticos  

Significant others : lesbians and psychoanalytic theory / Diane Hamer

Autor: HAMER, Diane